Still Human!

I doodled this last year but made a few changes today–I’m always amazed at how down to earth and “human” God want’s us to be.  Oswald Chambers hit the nail on the head again with these words,

If you are a GOD filled human, you won't be puffed up.

If you are a GOD filled human, you won’t be puffed up.

In the Scriptures, the great miracle of the incarnation slips into the ordinary life of a child; the great miracle of the transfiguration fades into the demon-possessed valley below; the glory of the resurrection descends into a breakfast on the seashore.  This is not an anticlimax, but a great revelation of God . .

If you are properly devoted to the Lord Jesus, you have reached the lofty height where no one would ever notice you personally. All that is noticed is the power of God coming through you all the time.

. . . Our human relationships are the very conditions in which the ideal life of God should be exhibited.  –Oswald Chambers

Jesus deflated himself to an ordinary sperm to become an ordinary human being, one of his creations…then He lived a very ordinary life, obedient to his Father throughout his ordinary day. He’s my example. When I’m puffing myself up, wanting to be extra ordinary, I may be totally missing the life my Father has for me–just an ordinary person in an ordinary life in relationship with ordinary people–often easier said then done without extra ordinary help from God.

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