Veering From Doodles To My New Studio

I’ve had requests from people who follow this blog to “see” my new studio/gallery space.  Here is the post I made yesterday on The-Bird-Watcher blog.

Moving into a studio away from home has been a major decision and commitment on many levels.  Now that the decision is made and the work and preparation for Open Studio Tours has been done I’m beginning to feel like I can start to relax and enjoy the painting process.  I look forward with anticipation and can’t wait to see what will be created in this little space–I have a ton of ideas.

For those of you who were unable to come on the CC Studio Tour this weekend, here’s a glimpse of my studio.

studio from front door

Walking in the front door–my new giclee print of “Searching For Hidden Treasures”on gallery wrap canvas is sitting on the bottom shelf.  Cards and some plein air pieces are also displayed.

My New Rug

To the right in the entry–a friend from the gym, after walking through the studio, came back with a beautiful hand-woven rug she had made out of Pendleton wool mill ends as a studio warming gift. Thank you so much Debbie–I love it!!

studio looking out

Looking back from my work area.

Studio work spaces

Lots of working surfaces–yippee!! I had hoped to be painting but alas, there was a steady stream of visitors so I didn’t get anything even started.

A Bright Spot In The Storm

As promised, a full view of this newest painting–30″x40″ oil on canvas–“A Bright Spot In The Storm” (This is taken with a cell phone, not perfect for sure!)

Alphabet Birds all lined up

The Alphabet Birds–in memory of the last trip I ever took with my grandparents–when I was moving them from Idaho to Washington State (My grandmother was 93, grandpa was 90). We played the game over and over again, one of them always won. (I couldn’t get the center paintings without reflection.)  These were “quick” paintings–I set my timer for an hour, then added 1/2 hour if I wasn’t finished.  A couple went over because they were more challenging to me.

All the art is for sale, if you are interested in any of the pieces please contact me.  Thanks for going on the tour 😉

Have a great week!

4 responses to “Veering From Doodles To My New Studio

  1. THANKS!! This is absolutely beautiful. I thought your full picture was a look out your window!! You are truly so talented. Are you going to close down this site but keep the other open?


    • Thank you Dawn. I’m a better painter than doodler. I will finish my posts though the first part of January and May leave it up, just not post regularly. I plan to develop my bird watcher blog much further and hope to have a store up by years end.

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