Obedience–Dead Works Or Living Truth

This is a tricky one for me.  I know this may sound odd, but I struggle with the word ‘obedience’ when it comes to religion.  Here’s why.  I grew up in an ‘obedient’ to the 10 commandments household–ALL 10 mind you.  Obeying the 10 commandments was equivalent to ‘pleasing God’, ‘responding to Jesus’, what we ‘did in return’, ‘vindicating God and His truth’. . . Obedience was ‘key’ to being the ‘TRUE RELIGION’–code for ‘Having all truth as it was in the fundamental beliefs’.  Sorry for all those quotation marks, but I can’t write this without them.  There was religious jargon attached to everything I did. The problem was, there was NO POWER and there was never any NEW, revealed truth.  In fact, if a TRUTH came my way that didn’t line up with the well thought out ‘truth’ I already had, it had to be rejected and not obeyed–why?  Because I HAD all TRUTH, but I wanted more truth for my daily life–it was a vicious cycle. So, do you see my problem here?


Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely believe in ‘obedience’ as God intended it for His New Covenant family.  There’s actually a fluidity to obedience.  A new, unfolding, anticipatory path that I now journey with Him.  Interestingly, obedience doesn’t just apply to my ‘religious’ life but to ALL my life now.  My work, play, family, relationships–everything.  Before, things in my everyday life were separate from my ‘worship of God’.  It was secular.  Now, everything is all about following God’s leading, listening for, hearing and obeying His voice–in ALL MY WAYS.

The tricky part here is, a religious person would say, ‘I am obedient, I keep all the laws/rules’.  So depicting obedience as being a key to knowledge and understanding causes me some discomfort because obedience can also be a trap in thinking you are alright.  For me, when I finally knew I was really being obedient in the way God intended was, when I finally trusted Him with everything in my life and when I trusted that HE alone could bring me into all truth–then, and only then did energy and life became a part of everything I did–when I obeyed that is.  So I’d say that today, the key to my doodle is in the ‘born again’.  Without that, obedience is just dead works.

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