365 Doodles On A Wall

I’m not sure if anyone is even following this blog anymore.  I finished my year of doodling through My Utmost and basically have not been blogging since.  My doodles have been sitting in a shoe box, collecting dust (on the lid of the box of course), wondering if they’d even been seen again–of course I’m assuming here that my doodles have thoughts.  Well, they WILL be seen–all on one wall.


About a year ago I’d been asked if I’d be interested in having a show at Boomerang.  Fortunately I chose the end of the year for the show.  It has been quite a year for me and not much art has been done, however, I knew I had enough stockpiled if I had to revert to “old” stuff, so I didn’t stress.  In fact, I’d come to the place where I thought–“I need to get a real job and just forget this art thing”.  I went into my meeting with the curator of the show with what you might call, a bad attitude!  My heart has just not been in art this year.  As I told him, with tears in my voice, about my “bad attitude” and discouragement with art and life in general (this is reality folks–don’t get bummed for me), I started telling him about my doodles in a box.  That’s when the conversation became more interesting–he said, “I think we need to do an installation of them.”

The rest is now history–a poster has been made, I’m frantically trying to get this page organized better, just in case someone might actually look at it (which means, beware, you MAY get notices I’ve posted when in reality I’m trying to figure out how this blog works after so much time, therefore, I might inadvertently push the wrong button).  Next Friday evening I go and paint the 33′ long by 9′ high wall gray, in preparation of installing on Saturday–the installation itself will be about 7′ high by 31′ long–WOW.  I am really beginning to feel oddly excited–this is definitely me, as an artist, “In a Different Light”.  I’ll have some of my small works hanging as well and a couple large ones–but mostly, it’s about My Utmost For His Highest and my journey of getting to know God much deeper–which when I look back, was preparation for this year which has been full of darkness–with two bright spots, thank you Lord for sweet new lives.

I covet your prayers as I prepare–for a clear mind so I can get this blog done quickly and accurately and that I’ll be able to finish my large painting that is a response to this journey and all that has happened this year.   But most importantly, pray for those who will see the show–that it will inspire them to take personal time to know and relate to God.  The curator, with inspired forethought, is purchasing used My Utmost For His Highest books for resale at a small fee or giveaway if need be.  If you are in the area and would like to help with getting more books available somehow, I’d really appreciate it.

One more thing you could pray about–direction–is art my future and if so, then I need a better attitude and energy to get ‘er done.  Thank you all and God bless!



10 responses to “365 Doodles On A Wall

  1. Whoop Whoop!! I’m here! So glad this is happening!! How soon before it’s turned into a book?! Can you post the address where people can send copies of Utmost to give away? Please keep us updated with photos and such. Praying for you!


    • Hi Dawn–thank you for being “here”! I’m glad it’s happening too. A book? Not sure. It’s a lot of work. I will update with photos. An address: 301 NE 7th st, Battle Ground, WA. 98604. Thank you again for your support and prayers!!

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  2. I didn’t know about this particular blog…but I LOVE IT. And I’m so happy you will be showing these beautiful doodles!!!♡♡♡


  3. I can’t attend your opening but I really loved your doodling for Utmost. I want to know where it leads and hopefully, support it as it unfolds.


    • Thank you Karey. I will keep everyone posted. If you happen to be in Vancouver during October and you have a few minutes, let me know. Possibly we could meet there, I would so love to see you after so many years.


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