It Is Now Clear As Mud–Why I’m Doodling For A Year

The answer is clear–I DON’T KNOW WHY!  I just feel compelled.  All I know is, I woke up with a drive to doodle through My Utmost For His Highest in a need to loosen up my style so I could illustrate a children’s poetry book my husband had written (That is still to be completed on my end).  Now that I’ve been doodling and writing responses I must say, the goal has lost its brightness and it’s just about the compelling drive to do it.

Let loose of control--be compelled (propelled) into the Great UNKNOWN!

Let loose of control–be compelled (propelled) into the Great UNKNOWN!

Today is number #297, I no longer know what will happen when the year is up, I no longer know if my original goal will be fulfilled, and honestly, I no longer care if I have an explanation (which is very unlike me for sure).  What I do know is this, I’ve gotten to trust myself and my motives less, and learned to trust God and His mysterious, unknown–yet compelling–ways more.  I’ve entered into the GREAT, COMPELLING UNKNOWN!

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