Live In The Basement

What does a basement have to do with spiritual things you ask?  It has to do with this,

Most of us are not consistent spiritually because we are more concerned about being consistent externally. In the external expression of things, Paul lived in the basement while his critics lived in the upper level. . . . The great basis of his consistency was the agony of God in the redemption of the world, namely, the Cross of Christ.   —Oswald Chamber

 doodle responce for November 25, 2014. #48

How does this, the cross, relate to us today?  The way I interpret it is this–basement living means that EVERYTHING is filtered through and rooted to the cross.  In other words, Jesus, The Son of God, came, not to bring peace to the world or provide temporary shelter to the poor. He came for the very purpose of The Cross. The only solution to world peace was a tragedy for God.  Again, I love how Oswald Chambers put it today.

In secular history the cross is an infinitesimally small thing, but from the biblical perspective it is more important than all the empires of the world. . . . when we preach the Cross, the energy of God is released. “. . . It pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. . . . We preach Christ crucified. . . ” (1 Corinthians 1:21, 23). —Oswald Chambers

At the core of EVERY situation that God allows in the world and in individual lives is the need for salvation and the core of salvation is the Cross of Christ–there is POWER in His blood, if only we believe and live in this “basement”, most fundamental truth. 

I have been challenged today and reminded what is really important. Now if I could just remember to continually live there. 

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