Where Perfect Love and Perfect Hate Met

This is what I wrote on the back of the card last year when I doodled this–

The thought of sacrifice appalls me, especially human.  In fact, it’s left me shaking inside.  Usually I resist thinking about anything bad and try to look for the good, which made this morning’s doodle that much harder.  How do I illustrate sacrifice when I can’t comprehend HATING so much that I want to KILL.

11_20_14_God's Sacrifice_#45

The Cross and Sacrifice of Jesus is where perfect love and perfect hate met.

Nor can I comprehend a perfect God HATING–especially when we are also taught He is a God of perfect LOVE . . . How does a perfect God hate and love so much that He demoted His only Son into a human child only to finally demote His only Son into the very thing He hated–sin–then kill him and send him to the pit of hell to suffer for the sin of every human who ever lived, past, present and future, so that we have the opportunity to stand innocent–if we accept Christ and His sacrifice–and be called sons and daughters of God.  Now THAT, is love . . . or is it hate ? . . . still contemplating.


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