Speak Life Giving Words

As I sat and doodled this (I missed a few days last year so I’m filling in here and there), contemplating the idea of the creative power behind the words of the Gospel and the need for the new/eternal life that only Jesus can give–my neighbor died.  She’d been really sick for the last several years.

Speak LIFE into others.

Speak LIFE into others.

It struck me again, how quickly life passes and how truly short it is.  I know that Candace and I had discussed the Gospel several times over the course of the years we’ve been neighbors, in varying contexts.  We’ve prayed for them, the family, often–there have been many regular conflicts in their home.  When someone passes though, I wonder, did they know Jesus?  Where are they now?  We cannot judge that or know that, but when the reality strikes that for some, it is their last day on this earth, it makes me feel a sense of responsibility to give people the opportunity to know the life giver through life giving words–The Gospel.  Will I be faithful to do that when prompted?  Oh, I pray so!

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