Life Is Like A Bed Of Nails–Nobody Is Exempt

I didn’t have my computer yesterday so I didn’t get this posted.  One other disclaimer–it’s not pretty at all!  However, it does make a point.  This is what I wrote with it last year;

11_5_14_The point of Suffering_#33

Today’s doodle.  It takes a little reading but made me think completely different about the example CHRIST left us. As Christians we often become so complacent. Thinking we should live with some sort of favor and ease we complain or question every time suffering arises. Jesus’ life was a trail of grace filled suffering and he never complained. Being God, He could have continued his life of ease in Heaven, but instead he came and suffered the result of sin (which we do naturally). He also rose above it and promised a way out of it….I’m still trying to comprehend all this. I hope it makes you think as well. Have a great day.

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