Be Identified

I’ve had an interesting and often challenging life–like everyone else on this earth.  Often it is assumed that we should be spared hardship because we love and serve God.  Common sense says that would be true but God’s sense says, “Enter into fellowship. . .”  Meaning, “Enter into my suffering . . .”  This is what I wrote on the back of this doodle last year,

11_1_15_Enter Through A Broken Heart_#28

The whole purpose of Jesus coming to earth from His home in Heaven was to cover it with His atoning blood. There’s purpose in every broken heart–even yours.

“Our human inclination is to stay away from pain–Jesus our creator pressed into it, became obedient (when He’d never disobeyed), to death . . . for me.  Why, if I want to be identified with Christ, would I expect a life of ease?  If He (Our Heavenly Father) didn’t see value in me He would not discipline me or allow me to go through hardship.  He didn’t spare His only Son from that.  So, I’ll praise Him through the pain, hold His hand . . . Jesus has been there and will be there with me.  Now He’s seated at the right hand of God the Father, saving a place for me.”  (And I’d like to add–FOR YOU)

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