Point of View vs. Relationship

Last year when I doodled this I remember being struck by these words,

Jesus Christ did not say, “Go and save souls” (the salvation of souls is the supernatural work of God), but He said, “Go . . . make disciples of all the nations . . .”  Yet you cannot make disciples unless you are a disciple yourself.  Remember, there is a passion for souls that does not come from God, but from our desire to make converts to our point of view.  —Oswald Chambers

Discipleing is not about our small point of view but about leading others to faith, hope, freedom, wisdom that makes no sense to the world . . .

Encourage relationship–

Having grown up in “The True Church” I get this loud and clear and yet it is such a hard thing to do in practice.  How often do I myself get caught up in the does and don’ts of just everyday life and everyday issues, i.e. eat protein, don’t eat gluten or carbs; vote for ________; be __________; buy __________.  It’s endless and they are all just points of views that SEEM important at the time but really just cause problems in relationships.  Back to the Spiritual application–if you think about it, a personal relationship leaves no room for our judgement or point of view to come in.  Why?  Because that’s their relationship or my own relationship with Jesus.  If we are leading others to a “point of view” (which legalistic doctrine is), there is then lots of opportunity for judgement and not much room for friendship (relationship).

Something to think about today.

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