Predestined Purpose

(I just discovered this did not get published last month–this is for September 21)

To be honest with you, I’ve fought up against God predestinating me to serve Him.  For much of my life I’ve thought that he seemed like a pretty selfish and egotistical God to demand my service of Him.  In fact, I have downright rebelled against it at times.

Companionship with our Lord--it's what we're created for.

Then I began to look at it through the eyes of John 3:16 and as a parent and grandparent.  One of my greatest desires in life was to be a mother.  When I became a mother I was possessive of my children, wanted them to always want to be with me and at the very least NEED me (It was all I could do to contain myself the first time my husband and I were late getting home and he told me not to call home to tell our teenage kids what there was to eat for dinner–“They don’t want to talk to you, they DON’T NEED YOU, they’ll figure it out!” It was like a dagger through my mother’s heart.).  Thinking about God wanting us for His glory is no different from I wanting my children for MY glory.  The love that I have for them has never lessened, the joy I feel when I’m spending time with them and their families makes me feel complete.  Now I realize, God is no different–He’s our Heavenly Father–He loves us more than we could ever love our own children, He’s possessive of His plans for us and what He created us to be, He’s desirous of spending time with us, His children, and He wants us to NEED Him, because after all, all He’s ever wanted was to be our Father.

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