I Like Living In Light

Somehow yesterday I didn’t get anything posted–shame on me.  The problem was, I didn’t realize until my devotions that I had veered ever so slightly away from My Utmost For His Highest to the BIBLE, Galatians to be more specific.  Anyway, I doodled a response to Galatians last year–I wrote on the back, “This is a visual reminder of what the cross means to us.  We are blessed to live in newness of life with Christ indwelling us, instead of under the law, which brings death to our soul.”  This concept was very significant to me.  I had no idea that I had been living in the dark by keeping the law (all 10 commandments of the law).  I never knew the difference until I stepped out in faith and accepted FULLY my salvation through the work of Jesus Christ without any other things added.  The New Covenant is the New Covenant, NOTHING of the Old Covenant was carried over.  It is ALL about Jesus now.  Living in the shadow of the cross, meant more shadows and fear of salvation–living in the light is freedom from fear–there are no shadows where fear can dwell.

The cross OVERSHADOWS everything that came before it.

The cross OVERSHADOWS everything that came before it.

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