Gutter Lord!

Have you ever noticed how no matter how deep, stinky, or stuck we are in the gunk of life–we really don’t want to get out of it if it requires releasing our little ‘i am’ to the BIG I AM?  Even as Christians we somehow think that the plans, ideas, ‘visions’ if you will, that God gives us have to be played out in our strength and in our gutter.  Interestingly, God gives us those ‘visions’ for our future so that He can work them out in our lives–so He can bring about His perfect plan (which is always FAR superior to our puny plans).  Letting go means life will flow and what used to back up in our gutter now will become fertilizer and moisture for growth when we’re standing on the solid ground of the GREAT I AM.

Life's situations can become fertilizer and moisture for growth if we release them and us to God--the solid ground for growth of character.

Stand on the solid ground of the Lord–it’s the only place life’s situations have potential for growth.

He must dominate.  Isn’t it piercing to realize that God not only knows where we live, but also knows the gutters into which we crawl!  He will hunt us down as fast as a flash of lightning.  No human being knows human beings as God does.  —Oswald Chambers

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