Stuck in the “I” of the Needle

Jesus’ words to the rich young ruler, “sell what you have and give to the poor”, made me think about how difficult that must have been to hear.  Here, the young ruler had been so obedient and task oriented–he’d kept the law perfectly.  Then, instead of kudos from Jesus he hears, “One thing you lack.”  He possessed too much!

You may not be rich in "possessions" but you can be rich in "self".  Don't get stuck in the "I" of the needle--God can push your through.

You may not be rich in “possessions” but you can be rich in “self”. Don’t get stuck in the “I” of the needle–God can push your through.

“One thing you lack . . .” From Jesus Christ’s perspective, oneness with Him, with nothing between, is the only good thing.

“. . . sell whatever you have . . . .”  I must humble myself until I am merely a living person.  I must essentially renounce possessions of all kinds, not for salvation (for only one thing saves a person and that is absolute reliance in faith upon Jesus Christ), but to follow Jesus.  “. . . come . . . and follow Me.” —Oswald Chambers

It’s not about our salvation, but it is about being “useful” to God–I know I’m mixing stories here, but honestly, for someone like me who has no extra money to get me stuck in the “I” of the needle, but I can sure get stuck with all the other things that fill me.  Maybe it’s even my pride of being poor–

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