Put Care Before The Act

Another self explanatory doodle–or is it?  I thought today’s devotional was interesting because so often, as Christians, we focus on sin–what sin is, what sins to avoid, what sin we have in our life, what sin others have in their lives . . . sin, sin, sin!  Well the good news is–in Christ we are free from, innocent of, sin.  He paid the price for sin and all we need to do is accept it.  Then the “working out” begins.  Being holy–having a holy character.  This takes you to a moment by moment experience with God, a relationship.  Instead of focusing in a certain external act our battle now becomes our insides, our morals, what drives us–our human nature.  So, simply put–our “formula” for a holy character is this CARE (care about God, care about others) before you ACT or just plain ACT WITH CARE.

9_8_15_Act With Care_#333

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