Another Anatomy Lesson–Rebirth

I’ve been a Christian my whole life–I’ve been reborn for about 7 of it–(I’m not one to recall the date but I can recall the experience).  I never understood how different life could “look” once I shed my self, went through the cross and the cross alone into a new world–a world of freedom and power in Christ.  If you’ve never experienced a SIGNIFICANT struggle and change, a shedding of preconceived ideas and self-reliance, a trusting in God and God alone for understanding and complete salvation, a filling of Holy Spirit power, your eyes being open to new and living things along with new understanding–I’d dare say, you’ve not been born again.  You will KNOW if you have been–you can NEVER go back to that old self.

It's worth the pain!

Be reborn!!–It’s worth the struggle and pain!

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