Heavenly Guidance

For August 11, 2015

A few years back, a very influencial person in my life passed away.  He had also been influencial in several others lives and one of my friends told me she just didn’t know what she’d do without him to guide her and answer her questions.  It’s good to have guides/mentors, and God puts them in our lives for a purpose.  However, they are only human and those guides, if relied on too much, actually take the place of an intimate relationship with God.  They need to disappear . . . 

Let Jesus be your Guide!

Let Jesus be your Guide!

It’s only then that we really learn to rely on God and lean on Him for EVERYTHING!  Remember Elisha?  If Elijah had stuck around, he’d never have had the opportunity to be used by God the way he was–to a greater degree in many ways than Elijah.  Stand fast in the Lord–let Him be your guide!

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