Is There Anything Better Than Common Sense?

Yes!!!  SUPERNATURAL SENSE.  It’s the opposite of common sense and goes completely contrary to common sense.  You may ask, “How is that better than common sense, after all, we’re supposed to use our head!?”  Maybe this will explain it:

  Common sense is a gift that God gave to our human nature–but common sense is not the gift of His Son, Supernatural sense is the gift of His Son, and we should never put our common sense on the throne.  The Son always recognizes and identifies with the Father, but common sense has never yet done so and never will.  Our ordinary abilities will never worship God unless they are transformed by the indwelling Son of God.  We must make sure that our human flesh is kept in perfect submission to Him, allowing Him to work through it moment by moment.

Take flight with Supernatural Sense--moment by moment to infinity and beyond!

Take flight with Supernatural Sense–moment by moment to infinity and beyond!

From my human perspective this makes no sense but that’s the point.

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