I’m Behind AGAIN! For August 8–Swinging With Jesus

The last few days of doodling material from My Utmost For His Highest devotional have been mind-blowingly simple and complex.  Which means that at times, I just don’t know how to respond in a doodle or in words.  On August 8 I was blown away by this:

What was true of the Virgin Mary in the history of the Son of God’s birth on earth is true of every saint.  God’s Son is born into me through the direct act of God; then I as His child must exercise the right of a child–the right of always being face to face with my Father through prayer . . . Am I simple enough to identify myself with my Lord in this way? . . . Is the Son of God praying in me, bringing honor to the Father, or am I dictating my demands to Him?  Is He ministering in me as He did in the time of His manhood here on earth?  —Oswald Chambers

Feel the breeze--swing!

Feel the breeze–swing!

It’s not always easy to illustrate what I “see” in my mind and or portray what is meaningful to me in word.  Here I’ve tried, with hopefully a LITTLE success, to illustrate the child Jesus, simply swinging inside of man (male or female), seeming not to have a care in the world, while the chaos of life drops off into insignificance.  I thought to myself, if I truly believed that the Son of God was born in me and dwelling in me and was as real as my heart of liver or brain or colon–all things I can’t see but know are there and functioning–then I could, each moment of my life, join Jesus on that swing, feel the breeze of contentment and peace blow across the face of every situation and know, absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt that everything will be fine in the end because the God of the Universe is in control and fully aware of my situation.  I could live in peace in EVERY situation.  I’ve made a commitment to “see” Jesus on that swing inside of me, join Him and stay there–I’ve chosen to loose control.  How about you?

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