Who Do You Trust?

Post for July 16–This concept of God’s sovereignty or in other more challenging words–complete control over everything–has split friendships, Bible study groups, families and churches.  I must say, it is a concept that challenged my belief and understanding of God, most of my life.  It leaves you with questions like, “If God is sovereign and good why does He allow evil?” “Am I just a pawn in the chess game of life?” “Why, why, why?”  Actually, the questions are limitless, as many as there are people on earth.

7_16_15_Diving Control_#279

I don’t know the answers but I finally came to this conclusion–Either I trust God completely or I don’t trust him at all!  Either He’s able or He’s not!  He either knows the whole big picture and is big enough and powerful enough and all knowing enough to handle everything that is going on in this world, from my little/big problems and blessings, to your little/big problems and blessings and to everyone who existed, exists and ever will exists little/big problems and blessings as well as how they all interconnect with each other and affect each other–OR, He knows nothing and is powerless.  Either God knows the state of our world and ordains and even causes things to happen–or He doesn’t.  We can’t want God for a sugar daddy and not accept Him for the all knowing, wise, powerful, bringing everything to a final conclusion Father that He is.  So . . . after much deliberation and arguing, much trying to make sense of the good and evil, much trying to control the outcome of my life and others, after much anger and struggling over this with God . . . I choose to trust Him. . . will you join me?

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