It’s A Holy Operation

The words, “What I need is God’s surgical procedure–His use of external circumstances to bring about internal purification.” —Oswald Chambers, prompted my doodle/illustration today.

Hold still and let Him work.

Hold still and let Him operate.

It’s a serious thing to ask God to reveal Himself to us, to be closer to us, to dwell within us.  The seriousness comes when He begins to remove the things in our lives that actually keep Him from being closer or dwelling in us.  (Good and evil cannot coexist–one or the other has to go.)  In answer to our prayers, He begins to operate–to remove things we hold to be more precious than Him (Sometimes we don’t even realize the things we hold more precious.).  Yes, it hurts to have “things” or people removed, but God’s hand is steady and sure–the more we resist the removal and move around, the higher the odds it’s going to hurt even more.  Remember, we started it by asking Him to come into our lives.  Eventually, as we begin to submit, hold still, and let Him operate–we begin to see Him shine through–and from Glory to Glory, He is revealed in us and we recognize His touch more readily, knowing that whatever He is removing is an unnecessary “organ” for our spiritual existence.  It’s the removal that brings healing and oneness with God.

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