Exposing the Vision

We get an idea of the vision for our lives and often venture out to try to obtain it without regard to the fact that it is God who created us with the vision inside of us.  We act as if it was something we dreamt up and we hurry about trying to make it happen.  God however, is patient and He’s the only One who knows how, when and where to skillfully whack off our Self that is getting in the way of the vision.  Sometimes it’s a gentle whack, other times it’s downright painful.  The lesson for me today–if I don’t want to get whacked hard, slow down, let God work things out.  The bonus to that method is, when depending on God, self just starts falling off, like the shedding of skin–it’s way less painful.

7_6_15_Visions_#269Today’s lesson in My Utmost For His Highest was exceptional, I’d encourage you to go read the whole thing–especially if you’ve ever seen or sensed a vision or plan for your life.

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