An Impossible Command–AGAIN!

Jesus requires more out of us than what is required from the other person we are in relationship with.  Regardless of what they do, say, steal, etc., we are to make things right with them–or don’t bring an offering to Him. (Oh, don’t forget, you are not to think bad thoughts about them either.) WHAT!!!!??????  That is so unjust!  Yes it is–and impossible to do–without Christ and His love in our hearts.  Hey, I struggle greatly with this one too, but that’s what Jesus did when He came to earth.  He came to make things right with His enemy, us.  He was treated unfairly and then killed unjustly and in the midst of it said, “Father forgive them.”  It kinda makes our nit picky, “You aren’t treating me the way I want to be treated” thoughts about our spouses or friends sound pretty trivial.  Are we treating them the way THEY want to be treated?  Odds are, we’re failing them as well.  So, let’s all try to make things right, NOW!  Love without restraint. 😉  (Read Matthew 5)



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