4 responses to “Avoid The Tweezers–Don’t Judge

  1. So agree, but how do you distinguish between judging others (intentions? actions? personhood?) and moral authority? Thoughts? (that is, when you have time between brush strokes. Your art is beautiful. BTW, do you have a book published of your devotional work?)

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    • Another amazing question!! Thoughts….my question back is, do we really have moral authority? To me that implies we understand intentions, actions and personhood. I’ve made some horrible mistakes in my life that were morally wrong, yet nobody has a right to judge me on them but God (I’ve suffered my own judgement enough). I think the verse that changed my whole perspective on this years ago was this, “WHILE WE WERE YET SINNING CHRIST DIED . . .” He also said during His death, “Father forgive them, they know not what they are doing.” Sometimes the person doing the “Wrong” doesn’t even know how wrong they are at that moment. It’s not until later that the wrongness comes to light and that could very well be the thing that stabs them in the heart and brings them to Christ and that causes them to say, “WOW, even when I was doing _______ Christ loved me enough to die.” It’s been the realization of the capacity for me to sin and to what depths I can go, without Jesus in my life, that has caused me the deepest heart-wrenching sorrow and helped me to recognize my desire and need for the One who loved me so much. This concept has helped me with my own family–it’s helped me feel more at peace when I think someone is “going astray.” Possibly that “astray/sin” may be the very thing God can use to bring them to Him. It’s help me to love them unconditionally, and unjudgingly and allowed our relationship to be more open and trusting. I must run–I have no idea if that helped. It’s a BIG subject.

      Almost forgot, thank you for your kind words about my art. I am grateful for God for the gift so I can bring more beauty into the world. A book? Not yet, several have asked. I will finish the year off and see where it goes. I do plan to do a show with the pieces (I hope) and sell them–proceeds will go some way to benefit those who come from abuse. I’m still praying on how that will play out. If I do a book that will be for the same thing.

      Blessings in your journey 😉

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