God Won’t Shout His Secrets

You have to slow down and be intimate to really know someone and to really hear them.  The same is true with God–He won’t shout His secrets to you.  Today I’m struggling to know my direction.  I want to do God’s will but life on earth is getting in the way and there are some things/situations that seem impossible to me.  Possibly you have those days as well.

Be intimate

Be intimate

Sometimes the weight of things want to creep in and discourage us, which seems to make our day ahead seem even more frazzled.  Where do we start?  Right now, I’m heading out for a walk with the dog and during the walk, listen for God’s reassuring voice that He’s got things covered.  On days like this I will often look back and say, “Wow, now that’s not how I’d have thought _________ would turn out!”  I will have known God was in my day, I will have heard His quiet voice guiding me and best of all, working my frazzles into a beautiful pattern for His glory.

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