Any Questions?

Until the resurrection life of Jesus is fully exhibited in you, you have questions about many things.   Then after a while you find that all your questions are gone–you don’t seem to have any left to ask.  You have come to the point of total reliance on the resurrection life of Jesus, which brings you into complete oneness with the purpose of God.  —Oswald Chambers

Eventually our questioning ceases ans we are one.

Eventually our questioning ceases ans we are one.

What keeps us from the experience described above?   A closed, prickly, judgemental heart full of questions, chained to our idealistic world views.  We filter God’s goodness, motives and His abilities through our limited viewpoint, thinking Him closed and unloving because things aren’t going the way we think they should go.  We stand in judgement of God in our hearts saying, “If God is good, why does He let bad things happen?”

If we ever get past that phase–and I hope we do–it usually turns to trusting Him with questioning strings.  But that’s okay!   At least the relationship has begun and God is slowly but surely wrapping His love tentacles around our ever opening hearts and those prickly questions are falling off.  Eventually, our faith grows to the place where the questions stop–we’ve learned that God is able and He is good, all the time!  His timing is perfect and sometimes those “bad” things are really very good!  We say, “Thy will be done,”  our motives and our desires have become ONE with Gods’.

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