Delight In Overwhelming Obstacles

Why would I want to delight in an obstacle–especially an overwhelming one?  Because it’s an opportunity to see what God can do when you finally fall on your face and admit you can’t do anything.  It’s God, sovereignty standing in your way, in essence, tapping you on the shoulder, saying, “Hey, I’m here!”

God IS the obstacle and the reliever of the obstacle all at the same time.

God IS the obstacle and the reliever of the obstacle all at the same time.

My experience with these kinds of obstacles have been overwhelming.  First I’m overwhelmed with the obstacle itself and cannot see my way through–no matter what I try.  Finally, I reach despair and fall to the ground crying, “UNCLE!” (That’s code for HELP GOD!!)  After some serious confession and asking for help I’m overwhelmed again.  This time–it’s an overwhelming peace, beyond any understanding, that floods through from head to toe and all I can do is lay on the floor absorbing it all in awe, relief and DELIGHT–wondering to myself, “What just happened?”  In actuality, usually nothing has happened, YET (accept we’ve finally released control and given it to God).  But somehow, I know that what was impossible just a little bit ago, is now possible and if anything, will turn out better than I’d ever planned.


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