Humanity Is At Home in Heaven Now

The difference between Jesus and any other “prophet” is this–he changed things.  He wasn’t just a good man seeking to show us a better way–He IS the way.  The way to what?  He’s the way to Heaven, salvation, eternity, joy for evermore.  Before that, we humans had no right there.

The transfiguration was completed on the Mount of Ascension.  If Jesus had gone to heaven directly from the Mount of Transfiguration, He would have gone alone.  He would have been nothing more to us that a glorious Figure.  But He turned His back on the glory, and came down from the mountain to identify Himself with fallen humanity.

The ascension is the complete fulfillment of the transfiguration.  Our Lord returned to His original glory, but not simply as the Son of God–He returned to His father as the Son of Man as well.  There is now freedom of access for anyone straight to the very throne of God because of the ascension of the Son of Man.

Because of His journey we have a destiny of peace.

Because of His journey we have a destiny of peace.

All I can say is, thank you Jesus!  Thank you that I can now come straight to the throne of God without going through a mediator on earth.  Thank you that I am identified now as a daughter of God.  Thank you that I have the promise of eternity with you and with all your other children.  Thank you for winning the war over sin and death and for providing a home for humanity where God is.  Thank you for the destiny of peace.

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