10 Reasons To Enjoy A Good Trial

Who, in their right mind enjoys trials!!!???  Jesus did.  It was His joy to lay down His life and suffer for us.  I don’t understand it, but as I’m doodling I have an opportunity to contemplate it.  How can it be that trials can bring joy?  Here are a few things I thought of–in no particular order.

Is Christ Shining Through Your Trial?

Is Christ Shining Through Your Trial?

  1. Trials help (or should) keep our eyes off of ourselves and keeps them looking to our Heavenly Father–they keep us connected
  2. Trials give us opportunity to pray–for us and others
  3. Trials put life into perspective–not everything is bad in life
  4. Trials teach us to forgive like Jesus forgave
  5. Trials teach us to love when we don’t feel like loving–which again, requires a connection with God to do
  6. Trials bring compassion to others that are suffering what we have suffered
  7. Trials teach us patience
  8. Trials helps us to stop hanging onto “things” and find what is truly valuable–usually relationships
  9. Trials show us who we really are
  10. Trials give us opportunity to think of others and help them

These are just a few things that come to mind.  The list is limitless.  But I dare say, without the habit of finding joy in trials, our lives are very shallow and one-dimensional (it’s all about me).  Challenge for today . . . . make your own list of why trials are important in your life and thank God for them.  Blessings!!

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