Add Beauty to Your Salvation

Adding virtue isn’t adding a hard and fast list of things to do to please God to your life.  It’s much more individual and fluid than that.  Actually it’s creating and building upon an already saved relationship with God. Start where you are, practice listening for His voice throughout the day, respond to His voice with obedience and before you know it your life is being added to.

Add beauty to your life.

Add beauty to your life.

At the core, you have always been saved (God already did that for you), but the real beauty comes when we obey that still small voice.  It may mean, writing a letter that needs written, taking responsibility for something you need to take responsibility for, changing jobs, going to bed earlier at night instead of watching senseless TV shows so you can get up in the morning for devotions before heading off to work. The list is endless because God cares about EVERY aspect of our lives, not just the big stuff.  It begins with becoming conscious of God every moment of your day and bringing Him into those moments with conversation–pray without ceasing.  That is adding beauty and virtue to your life.

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