Principles Will Dry Your Vision

Our own idealistic principles may actually lull us into ruin.  Examine yourself spiritually to see if you have vision, or only principles.

Live in full color

Live in full color

When’s the last time you had an “Ah ha” moment with God?  I dare say, if you haven’t had a NEW thought or revelation about your spiritual life, God, or what He wants from you as well as the power to go beyond yourself, or even remembered how much He loves you (That WHILE you were sinning–in your sins–He died for you.)–then possibly you’re just living by principles–from your logical scruples.  Stay close to God and the principles will become VISION, full of His compelling, strengthening, light-filled nature.  Love will flow through you and cause you to live in green, lush, pastures full of “Ah ha” moments.

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