Is There a Price You Won’t Pay?

5_7_15_Consider the Price#209The cost–I never understood the verse about hating your mother and brother . . . until I had to choose what/Who I was going to believe.  Who knew there would be a cost of friendships and family when I chose faith in the simple gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  Now I understand that verse a little bit more.  But when I compare that to the cost of Christ it pales in comparison.  In fact, it’s nothing.  Sometimes we (I) have big plans of what a difference we (I) will make in this world.  We (I) want all the kudos and the fame, but the price?  There’s always a price–what will you pay?  (Oh, and if you think doing nothing is an option, there’s a price there too–when it comes to eternal life, it is an even bigger price.)

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