Disconnect Your “Self-will” from Your Prayer

(This doodle is for yesterday, I was on the ferry from Orcas Island to Anacortes, on my way home when I did this. I got home late and was too tired to post it.)  I don’t know about you but earnest prayer has always brought on a collision of some sorts–usually it’s a collision of wills.  It doesn’t matter if I’m praying about something I know needs to change in my life or in someone else’s, conflict begins.  This should not surprise you when it comes–embrace it as God hearing you and answering you.

Expect a collision of events when you intercede--DO NOT,  I repeat, DO NOT, step in to rescue!  God's got a bigger plan.

Expect a collision of events when you intercede–DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, step in to rescue! God’s got a bigger plan.

His answers are not about bringing so-called comfort for this world, but about bringing us or the person we are praying for, closer to Him and more identified with him.

Whenever we step back from our close identification with God’s interest and concern for others and step into having emotional sympathy with them, the vital connection with God is GONE.  We have then put our sympathy and concern for them in the way, and this is a deliberate rebuke to God.  —Oswald Chambers

Moral of the story–pray without outcome and your self desires in mind.

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