Have You Received Your Prize?

“I will give your life to you as a prize in all places, wherever you go.”  (Jeremiah 45:5)  This is here, and it is NOW, not in some far distance “when Jesus comes everything will get better,” time.  If you haven’t experienced it you may want to ask yourself–have you laid your life down?

Are you prepared to let God take you into total oneness with Himself, paying no more attention to what you call the great things of life?  Are you prepared to surrender totally and let go? The true test of abandonment or surrender is in refusing to say, “Well, what about this?”  Beware of your own ideas and speculations.  The moment you allow yourself to think, “What about this?” you show that you have not surrendered and that you do not really trust God. . . .Once you do get to the point of total surrender to Him, you will be the most surprised and delighted person on earth.  God will have you absolutely, without any limitations, and He will have given you your life.  If you are not there, it is either because of disobedience in your life or your refusal to be simple enough.  –Oswald Chambers

Life always comes through a death.

Life always comes through a death.

The only thing I can add to this is, AMEN!  Oh, one last thing, sometimes our “disobedience” is the unwillingness to be simple–the only thing God asks of you is to trust Him–with everything–it’s not about doing more it’s about doing less.  Get simple.

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