Ready or Not . . . Be READY!

Catching up still–this is a doodle response for April 18, doodled on April 20.

“GET READY FOR JESUS TO COME!!”  “GET READY!!”  “Are you ready?”4_18_15_I'm Ready_#190

Those were words I grew up hearing.  There was no amount of maintaining a relationship with God or ignoring of God that changed those words.  It was always–“GET READY!”  The problem with those words is this, they imply unreadiness, which implies laziness, sloughing off, not paying attention, not connected, not listening, disobedience, blah, blah, blah.  The list goes on.  I’ve found comfort in–“I’m ready.”  There’s so much more reassurance in those words.  They can be earnest, calm, anticipatory, or joyful.  There is no anxiety involved just a looking forward to whatever–big or small jobs, light or heavy burdens, joy or sadness–God has for that day, that week, that year or for all eternity.  I know that whatever comes my way, it is filtered through God and my continual connection with Him prepares me for anything–I’M READY!

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