Kick the “H” Out of Your Wine

Boy can I relate to this!  It’s so easy to say, “I want to be identified with Christ,” until discomfort comes. I’m the kinda person who yells things like, “take me Lord,” when I get food poisoning and have to throw up. I can be even more of a wimp when it comes to every day discomforts like financial struggles, a child dealing with something difficult, a car breaking down, etc.

Is there an H in your wine?

It’s easy to forget that our Lord (the one we want to be identified with), was homeless, didn’t know where his next meal was coming from, was often mocked and ridiculed by the religious people, had to escape from the danger of those people, yet at the same time he was wanted for the “magic tricks” he could provide. A pretty thankless 30-some years he spent on earth. Why should I expect so much more. Whining comes so naturally.

Moral of the story, when we’re feeling pressed like grapes in a wine press, don’t whine, become wine. Be a sweet, smooth, soothing, joy bringing taste in your world.  Be wine.

This is a catch up doodle for April 14. Still behind I know. I like the concept but the Sharpie maybe wasn’t my best tool of choice. We’ll just blame it on jet lag.

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