A List Of Things That Happened At The Cross

It’s difficult for me to admit this now, but I’ve not always lived at The Cross, yet I’d claim to have been a Christian my whole life.

Find your new life here...you'll never go house hunting again!

Find your new life here…you’ll never go house hunting again!

How does that work you might ask?  I’m not really sure.  I just know, the cross was deemphasized, down played to the point there were major arguments about it being in our church, anywhere!  I never put much thought into it until I began to study the “Seal” of God and began to discover The Cross and what REALLY happened at The Cross.

Here’s a list of a few things I learned (in no particular order, just typing):  Scripture was fulfilled there, triumph over sin was won there; judgment for sin took place there; it was the “culmination of the ages”–our time (BC, AD) is stamped by The Cross; Jesus made it possible for us to have ONENESS with God; it is the heart–the loving core–of salvation; it was Christ’s plan and destiny from the foundation of the world; it is the power of God unto salvation; it’s where our life and power come from; it is where our peace is found; it is . . . . (the list continues) . . . . the day the veil was torn, meaning, the cross is that point in history where the transition of living to please God through works of the law through our own strength, changed to living by the Spirit, led by the Spirit, kept by the Spirit, SEALED by the Spirit.  It was the change of the Covenants. The Old “Do this and I’ll do that for you,” passed away!

Now, because of The Cross, I do everything in “remembrance of Jesus,” His life, death and resurrection.  His life flows through me by the Spirit that lives within me.  I am FREE to live in His power that constrains me to do His will.  The Cross keeps me safe from guilt and shame because at The Cross I can take NOTHING of my old life.  I can’t take my rule keeping good works which lead to guilt when I didn’t live up to the rules properly.  I can’t take the shame of past sin because I know that while in the act of doing that sin, Christ died for me because He loved me that much.  There are no strings attached at The Cross, just living and abiding in Christ, from now into and throughout eternity.  My Future begins at The Cross–and it is FREE!!

Thank you Jesus!!

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