Intercede–I Added to the Definition

From Merriam Webster

Inter-  prefix  :between: among: together: involving two or more

Cede  :to give control of (something) to another person, group, or government, etc.

Intercede  :to try to help settle an argument or disagreement between two or more people or groups:  to speak to someone in order to defend or help another person

Live to intercede--leave the outcome to God.

Live to intercede–leave the outcome to God.

It came to my attention this morning that sometimes I forget to cede, when I intercede.  Christ went about His life ceding control and saying, “Thy will be done.”  He didn’t have an agenda but he lived to talk to His Father about everything and everyone, ceding control and outcome to His Father.  He went so far as to say, “Only my Father in Heaven knows…”

How often do I intercede for another with an end result in mind?  Sometimes I even step in to solve the problem–answer my prayer.  I think I need to let a few things go and start to intercede properly.  When it comes to interceding before God, this will be my new definition:

Inter-  prefix  :talk to God about it

Cede  :Hand control to my Heavenly Father

and I will add the other meaning of “Inter”  :bury it!

Bury your problems, others, and others’ problems in God’s control.  The outcome–life eternal.

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