Jack-in-the-box Jesus Moments

Surprise visits have not always been my idea of a good time.  There was always a sense of dread, a lack of control of the situation, and a possibility of being “caught” doing something I thought I shouldn’t be doing.  If I knew someone was coming that I really didn’t want to see and who wouldn’t give me an exact day or time, my anxiety level went through the roof–it was like a real-life game of Jack-in-the-box, I knew it was coming but didn’t know when, and always, the POP was more scary than the actual event.

Are you looking for Jesus to "POP" into your day?

Are you looking for Jesus to “POP” into your day?

At one time I felt that way about God’s visits as well.  What if I was caught slacking off or doing something I thought I shouldn’t be doing (I had a long list of things I shouldn’t be doing), or what if . . . However, once I began to KNOW Jesus more I began to realize that the more I anticipated and looked for His showing up the more I experienced His showing up and it was way more enjoyable than I’d ever thought.  I began to realize He was truly interested in my life and situations and instead of fearing a situation I began to thank Him for the situation and look for–anticipate–how He was going to “POP UP” into the situation and take care of it.  The more I looked to Jesus throughout my day and stopped focusing on the “outcome” of my day, the more joy I experienced and the more relaxed I became.  Living off my checklist hurrying from one insignificant “important thing” to another in my day has now turned into a slower pace, allowing me to have relationships and finding that often, that’s where Jesus shows up.  They are unexpected “God appointments.”

Life in anticipation of Jesus is like being a child again, being left to be watched over by your favorite “baby-sitter,” playing peek-a-boo, treasure hunting, building forts . . .you are fully engaged and fully aware–enjoying your moments.  Become a child again . . . Anticipate the “POP.”

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