Do You Have a Tail Hanging off Your Nose?

The Christian life/walk is a mystery.  We read things like, “. . . perfecting holiness in the fear of God,” (2 Cor. 7:1) and our eyes and ears suddenly focus on ourselves and what WE think ‘holiness’ means and we begin to blinding stab at the mark only to discover that once the blindfold is lifted, the mark wasn’t at that spot all along.  It feels a little like playing a Holy Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.  The one who gets closest to the mark wins.

Listen to the voice inside you...walk.

Listen to the voice inside you…walk.

But really its not that complicated.  We aren’t left to be spun in circles and walk tentatively along, all alone, trusting our instincts, with people on the sidelines yelling differing directions to us, guiding us to the wrong mark.  Laughing and mocking when we miss.  We may be blindfolded, walking by faith, but we aren’t without a guide.  Our lives are being held by Christ, His Word is guiding us and the still small voice inside will guide us to the mark every time.  As we walk toward His voice in every decision and detail of our lives, we will become more and more in tune to His ways, His will and His desire for our life.  Eventually, the mind (ears) of our spirit will be in agreement with the life (voice) of the Son of God inside us and we will be one with Him, hitting the mark every time.

You won’t have tails hanging from nose any longer.

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