The Parable of a Pea

Amongst broken waterlines in our yard, repairman coming to the door, animals needing attention, etc…I wondered if I’d ever get this done and posted.  But here it is.  Today I wrote you a parable about a pea in poem format, then illustrated it–enjoy!

Submit like the pea.

Submit like the pea.

The Parable of a Pea

Being obedient to
your “Heavenly Vision,”
is more difficult than you’d think.

It’s like the pea in the pod
who gets a glimpse of the sod
and ‘sees’ himself, roots in the ground.
Before long,
he begins to ponder…

“I could be an important pea,
eventually feed a crowd!
But here I am,
stuck in this shroud,
with no way to take root in that ground.”

Then God comes along with a whirlwind of sorts
and the shroud begins to dry,
leaving him vulnerable to the sky.
he looses his grip,
and begins to quip.

“Lord, my life is a whirl
I feel I might hurl,
all my comfort’s been taken away.
This ground’s not familiar–
it’s only just sand–
Was my ‘vision’ just way too grand?”

“Your vision was right,
but not your site.”
Said the Lord, as the pea hit the ground.
“This, is where you will grow–
be it fast or slow,
a harvest in the end will be found.

“Just be a pea,
live naturally,
you’ll eventually start to grow roots.
I’ll provide water and sun
Mix in some fun
as you blossom and grow little shoots.

“Pretty soon you will see,
it’s up to Me,
for I really must be truthful.
If you feed the crowd,
it would leave you proud,
left with Me, your ‘vision’ will be fruitful.”

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