Are You Listening to Static?

Our call–what God created us to be and to do–is as individual as we are.  The problem is, our gifts (or non-gifts) can be distributed in so many directions, and people will enlist us in whatever we will say yes to.  Eventually, we are so busy that we don’t even have time for God–the One who made us and gave us the call to begin with.  Because we’re disconnected with the One who gives us the call, we’re left with confusion about what we are supposed to be doing,  and concerned that if we say ‘no’ to a ‘static call’ we’ll hurt someone’s feelings or there won’t be anyone to do it, etc.

Tune out static!

Tune out static!

If that is where you are right now, GET WITH GOD!  Be still, listen only to His voice, then move forward toward the voice…don’t let the static distract you.  I would say that if everyone stopped looking for their ‘spiritual gift’ and started to know and listening to that still small voice inside them–GOD–there would be far fewer problems filling spots in ministries and far more fulfilled, joyful people working in their calling.

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