Have You Been ‘Poked’ By God?

Sometimes God's pokes--piercing--is just to reassure us.

Sometimes God’s pokes–piercing–is just to reassure us.

When Peter felt he’d gone too far with his denial and abandonment of Jesus when Jesus ‘needed’ him most, he began to question his love and loyalty to God.  So Jesus, in His wisdom started poking–piercing–him where it hurt, where he had the most doubts, with one question–Do you love me?  Sometimes, we need that same reassurance in our lives.  God has to repeatedly pierce us to the core of our being with His question, ‘Do you love me?’ 

The first time we hear it we may flippantly say, ‘of course I do.’  The second time may make us stop and think about it a little more.  But by the third time the piercing question has gone to the deepest part of your soul.  The place where you feel the most doubt has been cut open and you lie on the floor bleeding, drained and in awe, as you realize–yes–I do love you Lord…to the very core of my being.  At that moment, the pain is lifted and all you can do is lie there, breathing in the overwhelming, reassuring love and presence of God.  It’s a holy, life changing moment you never want to leave, but then God says, ‘Now, go, feed my sheep.’

Have you ever been poked–pierced–to the core?

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