ARISE Youthful Dreams!

I was almost forty before the thought of working as an artist began to arise and that started small–painting backdrops for a photographer starting at 3 a.m. so I could get to my real job on time.

Go For IT!!  Let Your Dreams Arise.

Go For IT!! Let Your Dreams Arise.

Eventually, thanks to a boost from my husband, I quit my job, moved to faux finishing, murals and interior design…I wondered if working as a fine artist would ever arise.  Almost 15 years from that beginning I am now at the cusp of the dream I had in my youth–being a full-time artist.  Now I have to show up.  God’s been prepping me through different experiences and He’s opened the doors but I’ve got to do the work.

We’ve all had a dream placed within us, but somehow life got in the way.  Experiences killed it off, age comes along and it seems impossible to attain that dream again.  It has entered its final resting place in our hearts…dead, lifeless, but not forgotten.  I’m here to say It’s never too late to live the dream that God put in your life.  As long as you are remembering it, there is a spark of life there.  Turn it to God, let Him revive it…you never know where He plans to take you.

When I look back, I realize I would have had my life no other way…my experiences make my art much richer and me more appreciative of the gift and opportunity.  I know it’s not me who got me to where I am today.  Even though I have to ‘show up,’ it’s all God from beginning to end…after all, He’s the giver of good gifts.  Use yours.

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