We’re All Connected

I remember when my children were young thinking, “Will this ever end?  Will I ever be able to just do what I want, when I want and have the attitude that I want when I want?”  I know that sounds selfish but if you’ve ever been a parent you know the responsibility, your children need you.  When they’re sad, mad, happy, hurt…You are the most important piece to their world, the one who holds it together through good times and bad.

Be a Missing Piece For Someone Today.

Be the Missing Piece For Someone Today.

Well, my children are grown and the answer to that question is NO!  We are all connected, even to strangers.  Everything we do affects another.  To anyone we meet in a given day, we are a piece of their puzzle world, and they are a piece of ours.  When one puzzle piece is missing or disconnected, we all suffer.  We have an opportunity to bring sunshine, leave a void or cast a shadow.  Now that’s a lot of responsibility…but by the grace of God and by staying connected to Him, the odds are higher that we can be the missing piece for someone one day and someday, someone else will the missing piece in our world when we need it.

“None of us lives to himself…,” Romans 14:7

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