Unfazed or Unphased…Don’t Let Things Bother You!

We were given a promise–“on this earth you will have tribulation–but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!”

Okay, maybe that should be spelled UNFAZED?  No matter--you get the point--I hope.

Okay, maybe that should be spelled UNFAZED? No matter–you get the point, I won’t let it ‘phase’ me–Hey, it was early and I only had decaf available this morning.

Just as Jesus poured Himself into the world to face fiery trials, we too will face trials.  The cool thing is, as all the steam of the world evaporates, and we see God’s hand in our lives, eventually, the only thing left is our focus on God. We become unfazed.  As our faith is tried we become more like the three Hebrews who walked around in the furnace with Jesus, while those who were torturing them–‘killing’ them–dropped like flies from the heat.

If you’re going through a trial right now, take your eyes off the trial and look up.  Each time you look up you’re building a stronger faith base and pretty soon the things of this earth won’t matter.  It’ll all burn up eventually anyway.

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