The Doormat Makes the First Impression–Make a Good One

I think we all know them–the people who always have to be in the limelight, get the credit, be successful at the cost of others.  At some point God will allow them to get tripped up by their pride and take a fall.  God is actually doing us a favor when we get humbled.  Jesus put it this way, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  It sounds like it’s actually last, humblest, lowliest…

Is this any kinda attitude for a Doormat?

Is this any kinda attitude for a Doormat?

Sometimes we want to complain about our station in life, ‘only a secretary,’ just a ‘horse groomer,’ the ‘background painter,’ a ‘lowly mechanic,’ and so on.  Those jobs may seem menial but secretaries usually know more about what’s going on than anyone else in the office, horse groomers get to build relationships with horses, not just ride them; background painters may never be seen but without them the ‘important’ actors alone, could not make the same impact, and mechanics–our world would stop moving without you.   The doormat?  They get to greet everyone, they receive everyone’s dirt so it stays clean inside, (remember how important getting dirty is?) they set the stage for what’s inside.  It’s not our station in life that matters, it’s our attitude about it.  The lowliest are often the most important.

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