Love Grip

Yesterday’s doodle wrung my heart.  I was left drained, all day.  God’s words and love, grip my heart when I realize my true selfish self and His true giving-to-the-very-end-of-Himself self.  I am saddened and ashamed and feel as though I’ve been a traitor when I could so easily deny Him.  Today I needed some reassuring words and I got this:  “The one thing that gripped and held Paul to the exclusion of everything else, was the love of God.” –Oswald Chambers

In The Grip

Compelling Grip

As I read that I could ‘see’ God’s hand gripping my heart in a tight squeeze.  I didn’t have to worry about Him feeling let down, He had me.  Nothing can pry me from that grip.  Possibly He allowed me to see more clearly into my heart and express it out to the world so I could encourage someone else–He’s got you!

Sometimes that grip feels like a reassuring hug and sometimes it feels like a vice.  The more sensitive we become to the grip, the more easily we can be led, but it will ALWAYS leave His fingerprint marks–in and on you and on those you come in contact with.  Feel His grip of love today–let Him compel your moves and leave His mark.

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