Surf By Faith

Surf by Faith

Surf by Faith

We have family and friends who are excellent surfers.  I on the other hand, not so much.  I’ve tried surfing on a traditional board a couple of times and on a paddle board a few times.  On a surfboard you have NOTHING to do but stand up, stay centered, keep your balance and stay connected with the board… takes every little muscle in your body and mind to stay on that board.  For a surfer who has done it a lot it has become second nature, they just ride the waves and if they fall, they know they’re still tethered to the board–they’re safe.  For a newby, it seems impossible.  I had better success on the paddle board–probably because I had something to do–paddling–which sort of helped me keep my balance, but I still had to concentrate with every part of my being to stay atop when the waves came in.  Overall, surfing will never be my thing, even though in my head it looks like a blast.

In many ways our lives as believers in Christ, is much like surfing.  We are all stuck out in the ocean of life where waves of concern for food, clothes, friendships, family, future and so on keep crashing over us.  They never stop.  Then throw in the danger of sickness and death and the ocean gets downright scary!  Those of us who have been practicing ‘surfing by faith’ still get knocked down once in a while.  In fact, more often than I’d like to admit, a wave will be coming in that appears insurmountable and I began to panic.  Then I’m reminded of Jesus’ words, ‘sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’  It seems absurd to not worry, or work to find a fix, but in the words of surfer Jesus, He’s saying….’Hey Dude!  Chill out!  Ride the wave you’re on, concentrate on staying centered on Me and we’ll deal with that other wave when it gets here.’

Jump on your long-board and let’s go surfing!!

Doodle response for January 27, 2015. #109

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